High School in Spain

A successful Spanish experience


Spain is an ideal destination to study and experience a Spanish immersion

Our High school program in Spain is offered in different areas. In the program in public schools, students can choose one of our guaranteed locations (Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Alicante, Granada, Cadiz & towns of Huelva) or can apply for the standard program where they will be placed randomly anywhere in Spain.

About our programs

Public High School Program

Public High school is the perfect choice for international students looking for a more economic option and interested in immersed themselves in a local Spanish community.

Private High School Program

Private High school is a great alternative for international students wanting to choose the exact school and the area in Spain and enjoy a high level of academic offered by private schools.

Spanish Education System

Spanish students attend high school for six years, but only the first four years, known as E.S.O. (Compulsory Scondary Education), are mandatory. The two courses after “E.S.O.” are called “Bachillerato” and are attended by most of the students who want to go to university.

The academic year in Spain runs from mid September to end of June. Spanish school system is divided into three terms, which are followed by end-of-term test and short vacations: two weeks of Christmas holidays and one week at Easter. In June students have to take their final exams. The results obtained on those exams, together with other assessments, will determine whether the student passes or fails. This applies to all high school courses but 2º de bachillerato (12th grade), as senior students end their course earlier to prepare the university entrance exams taking place from mid to the end of June.

High School in Spain consists in 10-12 subjects, but not all of them are studied daily. Lessons usually start around 8:30am and finish around 2:30pm, with an 30 minutes break at noon.

Some schools (especially private ones) also have lessons in the afternoon, and students tend to have lunch there, while public high school students generally go home for lunch.

E.S.O students have very similar schedules, choosing only 2 optional subjects from a fairly limited range of electives. Bachillerato students have all 4-5 common subjects (English, Spanish, History, Philosophy, P.E.) and then they can choose 3-4 subjects from certain itineraries: Science, Technology, Humanities and Social Studies.

Host family accommodation

Accommodation is an important part of a memorable study high school program in Spain. Our Host Families our carefully-selected  to ensure that our students will be part of a good family environment. Sharing the lifestyle with the family and the relationship with their host is often the experience students remember most.

Students are placed in shared or single room. School residence accommodation only available in Private Boarding School Programme.