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SpanishJuice was born as a subsidiary company of Travel & Tuition, our main company, which organizes language courses for young people abroad.

Travel & Tuition is family-run company devoted to language programs and experiences abroad since 1988. During all this time Travel & Tuition has successfully sent more than 2000 students abroad.

Mrs. Carmen Codinach, director and owner, began developing her project in Canada, where she sent her own children to study abroad. Since then, she has been extending her project to include more programs and new destinations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France or Germany, to name a few. Her previous experience as a teacher and her true vocation for teenagers and young adults made her develop a very special way to design her programs and to treat her students. For this reason, she travels with her groups of junior students during the month of July and personally supervises the programs and the work of the group leaders. She also visits the schools she works with and new schools to ensure that the company offers the best quality programs.

Travel & Tuition programs are designed with a special philosophy so that they fulfill two main objectives:

  • The students must learn and improve their language skills.
  • The students must live a pleasant, fun and useful experience immersing in the culture of the country and must be able to move successfully in the new town and country.

Travel & Tuition develops three main types of programs:

  • School year & ministay in high or middle schools in countries like Canada, USA, Ireland, UK, France or Germany.
  • Summer programs for juniors : general english stays and summer camps, constantly supervised groups (during the flight and all through the stay) formed by a maximum of 12 students and reinforced by one or two group leaders.
  • Programs for adults: tailor-made courses (general, intensive, business, work experiences, etc.) with a   personalized and individualized treatment and follow up from the Travel Tuition team.

Travel & Tuition distinguishes itself from other companies because we visit the schools we work with periodically and we make sure that they have undergone strict quality controls. Most of the programs that Travel & Tuition offers to its clients have been tested first hand by the members of its team, which enables the company to give students all guarantees over the programs.

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